Bradstreet Glass customers frequently ask...

Q: Can I purchase sizes larger than are listed? 
A:  No, we're sorry we can't be more flexible. To conserve space and streamline order processing, the glass sheets are cut to their listed sizes as soon as we receive them, before they are added to the website inventory.  We don't keep larger sheets on hand to cut to order, and we only store boxes and materials to ship the glass sizes listed.

Q: Do you have a public storefront?
A: Not yet.  Our plan is to expand to a public physical "brick & mortar" stained glass supply store by the end of 2020.  

Q: Can you custom cut a listed glass sheet? Or drill a hole in it?
A: To order custom sized stained glass pieces, or have holes drilled, please visit our Etsy shop, Jodeliece Bradstreet's Glass House, where we schedule and process all custom glass work.  Click the button on the front page of the Etsy store that says, "Request Custom Order", and let us know what you would like us to do. We'll respond quickly with a price, shipping and lead time, followed up with a quick and easy purchase process and the same fast and informed shipping as BradstreetGlass.com.  


For more information, see our Policies page.