Collection: Youghiogheny Stained Glass

Youghiogheny (Yock-a-gain-ee) Opalescent Glass Co manufacturers stipple and other types of art glass in the Tiffany tradition.

Tiffany Reproduction Glass. Three- and four-color mixes use a base glass of specially formulated opal having a true white cast, surface hazing and the waxy quality normally associated with the glass made by Tiffany.

Guide to Youghiogheny Stock numbers:
HS—Mottled Glass R—Ripple Glass WIS—Wisteria RG—Tiffany Reproduction Glass
SP—Stipple M—Rough cast I—Iridized NEO—Neodymium
RSP—Ripple Stipple LAB—Laburnum GHS—Gold Pink Mottled