Glass on Bradstreet Featured Artist: Mike Smith from The Rusty Pickle

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When Mike Smith asked me if I would be interested in offering one of his stained glass panels for sale on consignment in our Etsy shop, I was immediately thrilled!  I had already seen his work at The Rusty Pickle and had fallen in love with his designs and workmanship.  His glass lines are PERFECT. His solder lines are FLAWLESS.  And his colorful selection of glass and composition of his abstract designs are a dream!


Can you believe that Mike has only been making stained glass art for a little over a year??

Mike explained that he's always loved and appreciated stained glass art and always wanted to learn how to make it - well, I think it's obvious that he's found his calling!  He set up a GofundMe account and within a month received enough money to buy tools, equipment and supplies to begin his first stained glass piece.  While making stained glass art part-time in his workshop, he's since completed about 100 more!

While he's not making stained glass, he works as a freelance instructional designer and educational consultant.

Mike's dedication and talent as a new artist is deserving of the spotlight, and this - my favorite panel - is a perfect fit for our store.  I love it, and I know our visitors will love it! 

So we are very proud to offer The Rusty Pickle's beautiful rainbow spiral abstract stained glass panel, created by Mike Smith from his original design. Mike expertly handcrafted this 23 inch round glass art panel in rainbow colors, using 302 hand shaped pieces of stained glass. 

As part of our new Featured Artist Promotion, The Rusty Pickle is offering this exquisite stained glass panel at a 10% discount, only through Jodeliece Bradstreet's Glass House!

"Like" The Rusty Pickle on Facebook, and show this brilliant new artist your support. To request a custom stained glass design, you can also email him directly at  

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